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Ningbo Ican Machines Co., Ltd has been focusing consistently on sterilization products for practice hygiene nearly 20 years. We, in the foreseeable future, are still going to concentrate on development and innovation of new sterilization products in order to supply better, easier, safer and faster sterilization solutions. Because we believe that our concentration on the certain field is best method to achieve high quality and innovation, as well as is responsible for users of our products and our distributor partners.

Our sterilization lines include the bench top sterilizers from 8Liters to 45Liters classified as B class autoclaves that is made under most strictly European standard EN13060 and proven by TUVRheinland with their CE certification. Meanwhile, our factory owns medical quality certification ISO13485, and CMDCAS North America.

Excellent products, trustworthy authority identification, and together with our most important principle “Quality First, Service Paramount” consist of a road to leading users, distributors and us to multi-win.

We are looking forward to hearing from any of you who want to know more about us.


Our Company


5000 square meters company area

Ningbo Ican Machines is headquartered in Ningbo, China where our design and engineering teams join to our high-efficiency manufacturing facility, promoting innovation, quality and flexibility.


Stringent quality control and endurance testing by automatic IT system

Our commitment to quality makes medical procedures safer also continuously improving the Technology and performance of our products helps our customers to increase efficiency enable to run a highly effective sterilization process.


50 employees which can make 1000 every month

With totally 50 employees, most of them worked in our company from the time when we started. That is why our workers have full experience on producing the autoclaves with high efficient.


Optimal service from experienced technicians

Our experienced technical service team is ready to help you with every aspect of the machines. Working across all areas of the business, evolving customer problems in the fastest and most efficient way possible to provide the best solution for your requirements.

ISO 13485:2003
Quality Management System for the Design and Development, Manufacturer and Distribution of Steam Sterilizers

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CE Certificate
Full Quality Assurance System Medical Devices

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CMDCAS ISO 13485:2003
Quality management system recognized by CMDCAS for the Design and Development, Manufacturer and Distribution of Steam Sterilizers.

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