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Autoclave D classe B model D black

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ICANCLAVE D Black [class B]

D208/D212/D218/D223 Black,It is same as ICANCLAVE D, but black color.

  • Overview:
  • ICANCLAVE D are benchtop steam sterilizers with Class B pre & post vacuum type, complies with the European standard EN13060. These autoclaves require minimal bench space making it an idea sterilization solution for small clinic such as dental, veterinary, beauty, podiatry and microbiology requirement.
  • Excellent Performance:
  • Full automatic table top autoclave with pre-set programs.
    Complies with European standard EN13060.
    Working very quietly.
    In built independent rapid steam generator ensures quick sterilization cycles..
    Rapid post sterilization vacuum drying.
    With one flash water tank and used one water tank.
    LCD screen displaying time, temperature and pressure, process alert and instrument conditions.
    User friendly interface.
    Self-initialization when work in different altitude.
    Multilanguage menu: Chinese, English, Spanish, German, Lithuanian, Polish, French, Czech, Hungarian, Romanian, Dutch, Latvian, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Coratian.
  • Safety and Monitoring:
  • Double safety protection system prevents the cycle from starting if the door is not correctly locked. This system also prevents the door from opening if the pressure inside the chamber is not equal to atmospheric pressure outside the chamber. Pressure safety valve prevents over pressure in the chamber and steam generator. The power is automatically cut if a short circuit or electrical fault occurs. Able to detect and identify the exact cause of any problem, and to issue a specific error code to the operator. Water level main switch in the main tank controlling the min and max water level. Automatic warning for maintenance.
  • Documentation:
  • Printer (option): an internal printer is optional for all ICANCLAVE D autoclaves. USB port : it is used for connecting a USB sticker, all sterilization data are automatically written in the USB stick, and can be ready directly in any PC and stored electronically. Internal Memory: the last 20 cycles can be automatically stored in the autoclave system, which can be printed out at any time.
Model Number STE-8-D STE-12-D STE-18-D STE-23-D
Chamber Dimension Ø170x320 mm Ø200x360 mm Ø247x350 mm Ø247x450 mm
Chamber Volume 8 L 12 L 18 L 23 L
Number of Trays 2/ Max. 3 2/ Max. 3 3/ Max. 4 3/ Max. 4
Material of Trays Aluminium Stainless Steel Aluminium Aluminium
Size of Trays 130x265mm 156x295mm 192x285mm 192x380mm
Voltage, Freq. 220/110V, 50/60Hz 220/110V, 50/60Hz 220/110v, 50/60Hz 220/110v, 50/60Hz
Power 2000 w 2000 w 2000 w 2200 w
Overall Dimension (WxHxD) 420x370x525 mm 420x370x595 mm 490x455x600 mm 490x455x690 mm
Weight 37 kgs 40 kgs 47 kgs 53 kgs
Program Temp. [·C] Pressure [Mpa] Sterilization time [min.]
SOLID 134 210 4
121 110 20
LIQUID 134 210 10
121 110 30
WRAPPED 134 210 10
121 110 30
TEXTILE 134 210 10
121 110 30
PRION 134 210 18
DRYING - - -
B&D TEST 134 210 3.5
HELIX TEST 134 210 3.5
  • 93/42/EEC Directive on Medical Devices.
  • 97/23/EEC Directive on Pressure Equipment.
  • EN 13060 Small Steam Sterilizers.
  • EN 61326, EN 61000 Electromagnetic Compatibility.
  • EN 61010-1, UL 61010-1Safety requirements.
  • EN 61010-2-040, IEC 61010-2-040. Specific requirements for steam sterilizers used for treatment of medical materials.
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